Scott Robinson, PhD
Founder & CEO
Dr. Scott Robinson holds a Ph.D. from Imperial College London where he specialized in cell stress signaling and cell death/survival pathways.

Previously he worked for GlaxoSmithKline investigating drug candidates through proteomic analysis and target-based drug discovery techniques. Within academia Dr. Robinson has published numerous papers in world-leading scientific journals, including Nature.

At MicroQuin, Dr. Robinson drives the company vision and leads all scientific efforts to drive its assets through scientific advancement, collaborative efforts and licensing agreements. Recently, he secured $750K funding from the Center for Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) to develop MicroQuin technology on the International Space Station.

Furthermore, Dr. Robinson has 8 years of Investment Banking experience in Risk Management and Quantitative Financial Modelling at Morgan Stanley and Nomura.
Dr Barge was the former Head of Oncology and Global Medical Director at AstraZeneca and former Global Medical Director at Amgen.  He serves as an important clinical and medical advisor for MicroQuin and will assume the role of CMO upon filing of our IND application.

Dr Barge provides critical expertise into the pre-clinical and clinical roadmap, helping MicroQuin to identify the critical needs in the market and application of our therapeutics.  Dr Barge provides overall guidance for our eventual cancer clinical trial design.
Alan Barge, MD
Medical Advisor
Dr Williams is a Professor of Experimental Oncology at University of Bristol as well as part of the Colorectal Tumour Biology Group at Cancer Research UK.

She not only offers valuable insights on cancer research from an academic perspective, but her specialty in colorectal cancer will be critical to our building the colorectal cancer program at MicroQuin.
Prof Ann Williams,
Scientific Advisor and Collaborator
Dr Yamauchi has over 15 years’ experience in assessing how
viruses hijack cells, with a demonstrated history of productivity and high impact peer-reviewed publications.

He specializes in Influenza infection and set up Europe’s largest academic, antiviral drug development facility at ETH Zurich using EU funding.

Dr Yamauchi is part of the CHUbVi project to identify the pathways involved in the infection process, with the goal of providing molecular targets for broad-spectrum antiviral compounds.
Yohei Yamauchi, PhD
Scientific Advisor and Collaborator
Dr. Joshua Wang is a bio-entrepreneur with experience in founding, securing early stage financing and operating early stage biotech companies.

His technical background in virology, vaccines and immunology inform his mindful but competitive approach to evolve scientific discoveries into medicines to serve critical unmet needs.

Joshua’s experience spans the globe having lived and worked in Singapore, the UK and USA currently.
Josh Wang, PhD
Business and Grant-funding Advisor