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Modulating cell stress response through

novel targets

Novel Targets

One of our key targets is TMBIM6, an intracellular transmembrane protein. 

Since first discovered over 20 years ago, TMBIM6 has generated growing interest from researchers recently, due to the essential role it plays in  tumorigenesis and other diseases.
Target and Diseases

TMBIM6  is a highly conserved protein that exists in all eukaryotes, serving the key function of regulating cell stress. 

It regulates endoplasmic reticulum stress (pro-apoptotic signaling), reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and breakdown, immunomodulation, and calcium homeostasis amongst other pathways. 

However, creating drugs to target
TMBIM6 has proven challenging due to the lack of ways to obtain the structure of TMBIM6 , until MicroQuin's breakthrough.
What We Do

MicroQuin is the only company in the world that has been able to create targeted therapeutics to modulate of TMBIM6, having developed unchallenged level of IPs of the targets, through a decade of research, and the collaborations with our partners such as  NASA/International Space Station.

In the case of oncology, MicroQuin uniquely treats cancer as a disease state, rather than target specific attributions for a particular person or cell type that could be limited to a small subset, may mutate, or may develop immunity, amongst other challenges.