Key target

BAX-1, a intracellular transmembrane protein that is critical to tumorigenesis and cancer cell survival by regulating numerous integral pathways. Our target regulates endoplasmic reticulum stress (pro-apoptotic signaling), reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and breakdown, immunomodulation, and calcium homeostasis amongst other pathways.


Due to the target’s critical role in a combination of these pathways, MicroQuin is able to quickly expand to a pipeline of therapeutics from just one target.

MicroQuin has developed first-in-class context-dependent therapies for the novel and broadly impactful target for cancer. Unlike the new drugs coming to market in immuno-oncology, precision therapy, and cell therapy, which take hyper-focused approaches to patient treatment, our therapy offers is a universal method for targeted cell death.


MicroQuin uniquely treats cancer as a disease state, rather than target specific attributions for a particular person or cell type that could be limited to a small subset, may mutate, or may develop immunity, amongst other challenges.


MicroQuin therapeutic series induces cell death and inhibit metastasis in all breast cancer, our first cancer focus. Our therapies have demonstrated significant specificity and efficacy while exhibiting no toxicity or immunogenicity in in vitro and in vivo models.

Our development pipeline




Oncology: Breast, Ovarian, Cervical, Colon and Lung

Influenza (development partner NIAID)