Vaccine Production Line
  • Efficiently expanding and advancing the pipeline of therapeutics through extensive collaborations and external scientific validations.

  • Focusing on 4 key targets that significantly modify disease progression in 3 key programs across Oncology, Anti-viral and Neuro.







Development program


Lead program: Oncology


Our most advanced program is a drug candidate for ovarian and breast cancer. This program has completed most preclinical testing and is at IND stage. 


Data shows that our therapeutics in vitro induce >90% cancer cell death in 96hrs and in vivo showing >95% reduction in tumor size and volume in 20-25 days, with no toxicity observed.

MicroQuin uniquely treats cancer as a disease state, rather than target specific attributions for a particular person or cell type that could be limited to a small subset, may mutate, or may develop immunity, amongst other challenges.


Partnered program: Anti-Viral


We have signed a Non-Clinical Development Agreement with NIAID to bring our drug candidates for influenza, Covid-19, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Adenovirus and other viral infections to clinical trials.

Our anti-viral program has shown extremely positive results in vitro with viral inhibition ranging from 75-99.5% depending on the virus.


Development program: Parkinson's


We have been working with 3Z Pharmaceuticals (animal model development ) as well as charity Cure Parkinson's UK to progress potential drug candidate for Parkinson's disease.